think brave.

Brave Control Solutions is a systems integration and Automation Solutions Company based out of Windsor-Detroit. Since 2008 Brave has been designing and integrating technical solutions and solving challenges for North America’s largest manufacturers. Comprised of a brilliant team of electrical designers, engineers and technicians, we are dedicated to delivering quality solutions and are driven towards doing things better. That’s why we prefer to think brave.


What we do.

Brave is a full-service provider for the prefab construction and manufacturing industries.  Our success delivering innovative automation solutions starts with our customers willingness to step outside the norm and think differentlythink brave.

  • CAD2Path™ project design to robot instruction conversion software

  • 3D volumetric module assembly (steel)

  • 2D volumetric cassette assembly (wood)
  • Automated parking
  • Curtain and window wall assembly
  • Panel wall construction
  • Mechanical heating pipe welded assembly
  • Mechanical plumbing prep, fitting & assembly
  • Material handling & kitting
  • Manufacturing & production facilitation

Responsible Automation Manufacturing 

Successfully implementing automation takes more than selecting the right equipment. You’ve got to consider how machines and people will best work together to achieve desired outcomes.

For certain types of  work, people are the best performers while other jobs were meant for robots.  You should work with a partner who understands the difference.


Brave Awards

Solve skilled labor shortages.
think brave

Precision.  Quality.  247/365.
think brave

Customers demanding more customization?
think brave

Automation for your business?

think brave.



The constant desire to take on new challenges and solve the most difficult automation challenges – it’s in our DNA and it’s why we’re always – thinking Brave.



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