CAD2FAB™ Systems

Offsite manufacturing systems that do more than just improve productivity.

Introducing a unique approach to industrialized construction – a line up of flexible automation systems specifically designed for the construction industry and powered by CAD2FAB™.

Structural Insulated Panel System
The Structural Insulated Panel System is a fully automated, multi-function robotic system that performs various precision assembly and finishing processes for structural insulated panels.

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Finished Wall Assembly System
Our Finished Wall Assembly System is an all-in-one robotic wall assembly system capable of producing wall sections complete with electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall, and sheathing.

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3D Volumetric Welding System
The 3D Volumetric Welding System is our advanced system for the assembly and welding of heavy-gauge steel structural shapes.  It features flexible fixturing and tooling with fully automated robotic material handling and welding.

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Module Mover System
The Module Mover Systems range from manual transporters to fully automated movers.

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2D Panel Building System
The 2D Panel Building System offers flexibility for the precision assembly of roofs, walls, and floors using Light Gauge Steel or mass timber.

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Complex Automation Without The Complexity

Advanced automation doesn’t need to be risky complicated or time-consuming thanks to our standard quick order packages and customization services.

The Big Picture Approach

Industry leaders worldwide are learning how our CAD2FAB™ line up of flexible automation products can help them address construction’s biggest challenges.


A shortfall of over 7,000,000 affordable homes


Opportunities to leverage new technologies and methods


The demand for improved efficiency and productivity


A skilled labor crisis that will only worsen


The universal desire for a more sustainable future

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