An Automation Innovation Company

Established in 2008, Brave is a technology company that delivers custom automated solutions. The company’s DNA was forged from a love of new technology and the courage to take risks.  With a history of serving automotive manufacturers, our focus is empowering offsite construction clients to adopt automation. “think brave” is the ethos that drives us to seek out and solve our client’s most challenging business issues.  Brave works with its partners to optimize its operations through the delivery of innovative turnkey solutions.

Automation Excellence

With over 10 years of proven success, our customers have come to appreciate the qualities that make Brave unique in the industry.  Fortune 500 manufacturers and their suppliers bring us their tough challenges and tight timelines because of our ability to design and deliver the highest quality automation solutions. It’s Brave’s ability to blend extensive technical acumen and a commitment to strong project management that makes us who we are.

We value our customers and understand the necessity of delivering the highest quality solutions on time and on budget. That’s why we take a customer-centric approach to everything we do – from developing and explaining our technical solutions, to continuously refining our collaborative project delivery system.

We value our relationships with our suppliers and partners.  We leverage those relationships in order to find the best possible solution, at the best possible price, for our customers.

The key to our success and our customer’s satisfaction lies directly with our team. By fostering a corporate culture that emphasizes creativity, training, and teamwork we ensure our employees remain happy, efficient, and above all, effective.

The brave process

Brave uses its Double-Diamond approach to provide a detailed assessment, custom roadmap, detailed project plans, processes and methodologies to implantation and delivery. Our high performance delivery system supports the needs of customers who demand a higher degree of collaboration and visibility throughout the life-cycle of a project. Brave’s proprietary tiered methodology pulls changes forward to mitigate risks earlier – virtually eliminating missed deadlines and unforeseen cost overruns. What’s more, we approach every initiative with a high degree of professionalism and accountability. This means you’ll always have a partner that shares responsibility for your desired project outcomes.


Our process always starts with a detailed planning phase that covers the initial designs and details such as project plans, schedules and checklists.

We work closely with our clients in this phase to gather their direction and input in order to allow them greater visibility and control over their project. This collaborative approach establishes a positive working relationship as we work together to agree on the correct approach that will pull any changes forward and ensure no details are overlooked.


Once we've come to agreement on the project schedule and overall approach, our team goes to work!

We begin producing templates and samples of everything that we will finally deliver to the customer. Working closely with the customer, we review regularly and gather their input and feedback to revise and improve before acquiring approval. Taking the time to develop and review the samples diligently in this phase is key to the success of the project.


By pulling the changes forward in the concept and framework tiers, we are able to move forward confidently and rapidly with minimal interruptions.

By pulling the changes forward in the concept and framework tiers, we are able to move forward confidently and rapidly with minimal interruptions in the production cycle. Once complete and onsite, we are further able to facilitate a smoother and faster integration that reduces downtime. This means our customers receive a solution catered to their EXACT specifications delivered on time and on budget.


is in our DNA.