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Automation for offsite construction
April 29, 2022
Brave Control Solutions

Brave announces new automation innovations for offsite construction industry

 April 14th, 2022–

Windsor, Ontario – Brave Control Solutions Inc. of Windsor, Ontario is pleased to introduce cad2fab™, a paradigm shift for offsite construction automation.

Over the past 4 years, the global construction industry has responded strongly to a series of innovative automation solutions developed by Brave.  Industry-leading GCs and pure-play offsite firms around the globe have engaged Brave to design and deliver the next generation of construction automation solutions featuring cad2fab™.

Responding to the needs of the industry

Brave understands that engineering requirements, manufacturing processes, function, and aesthetics drive building designs and that automation technologies should support, not hinder what architects and builders need to achieve.  That’s why Brave’s approach is based on the idea of “snowflake manufacturing”:  enabling the construction industry to leverage the advantages of automation while addressing the reality of customized product variations, “snowflakes”.   Until now, builders often faced a trade-off when considering automation:  limit customization in favor of cookie-cutter designs if you want to industrialize your construction processes.   Thankfully those days are behind us.

With cad2fab™Brave’s proprietary software reads BIM data, then leverages AI and machine learning to assess and optimize designs for automation and autonomously teach robots and automated machinery.  Traditional approaches require significant investments of time and highly skilled resources to program and teach robots and automation – each time a new product is to be manufactured.  With Brave’s solution, architects and machine operators can quickly and easily modify designs and build a wide range of customized products without the need for lengthy changeovers.

cad2fab™ helps offsite manufacturers achieve more than just Improved productivity

Brave’s unique approach to industrialized construction is a must-have for any offsite manufacturing dealing with today’s critical business issues such as manpower, productivity, quality, material consumption, and waste.  Currently, cad2fab™ includes the following applications:

  • cad2fab™ Structured Insulated Panel Systems – An automated system for the precision assembly and finishing of various configurations of SIP panels
  • cad2fab™ Finished Wall Assembly Systems – An automated system for the precision assembly of various configurations of wood walls, roofs, and floors
  • cad2fab™ 3D Volumetric Welding Systems – An automated system for the precision assembly and welding of various configurations of steel structure shapes
  • cad2fab™ MEP Processing & Storage Systems – An automated system for the precision processing, kitting and storing of various configurations, types, and sizes of pipe
  • cad2fab™ 2D Panel Building System – An automated system for the precision assembly of various configurations of sheet steel or wood panel walls
  • cad2fab™ Software – Mounted and non-mounted operating software comprised of proprietary source code, algorithms, databases, artificial intelligence, and executables that together use universal design file formats to assess and optimize designs and dynamically and autonomously control automated systems.
  • cad2fab™ Mechanicals – A variety of proprietary mechanical components including robot systems, rail systems, conveyance systems, fixture systems, end-of-arm systems, tooling systems, and racking systems designed to integrate with cad2fab™ software and services
  • cad2fab™ Services – A variety of proprietary diagnostics, API’s, web service integrations, communication protocols, and various IIOT devices for data management, for purposes of enabling local or remote system operation, for system performance reporting, preventative maintenance functionalities, and local or remote system support
  • cad2fab™ Performance – A variety of pre-delivery consultative and post-delivery subscription services specially designed to address typical challenges of implementing and owning advanced automation systems including lean process analysis, simulation services, comparative cycle time analyses, ROI assessments, automation readiness assessments, support and maintenance services, spare parts programs

About Brave Control Solutions Inc.

Brave is a turnkey automation provider to the offsite industry.  We use business thinking with our proprietary solutions software to solve technical manufacturing problems for the industrial construction industry.  Our success in delivering innovative automation solutions starts with our customer’s willingness to step outside the norm and think differently.  With a history of serving automotive manufacturers, the focus for the future is empowering prefab and offsite construction clients to adopt automation for the first time.  “think brave” is the ethos that drives us to seek out and solve our client’s most challenging business issues. Brave works with its partners to optimize its operations through the delivery of turnkey innovative solutions.

For additional information:

Visit our website or connect with Brave online Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter

Sales contact:

Cooper Lane, Vice President

Email: [email protected]

Investor contact:

Ben Hershey, CEO, 4Ward Solutions Group

Email: [email protected]


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