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Custom Automated Robotic Solutions for Prefab and Offsite Construction
January 16, 2022
Brave Control Solutions

Brave Control Solutions Inc. delivers custom automated robotic solutions to world-class manufacturing clients, enabling the #Prefab and #OffsiteConstruction industry to #BuildItBetter.

Please welcome Brent McPhail, as we shine a Product Spotlight on #AutomationForConstruction.

⭑ Automation Equipment
⭑ Automation Solutions
⭑ Systems Integration
⭑ Cycle Time Analysis

Winner of the 2020 Innovation Award for #ConstructionAutomation designated by global technology company ABB, Brave Control Solutions Inc. is empowering prefab and #Offsite Construction clients to build for the future, optimizing their operations with turnkey innovative solutions. They have been delivering automation solutions to Fortune 500 manufacturers across North America for over ten years.

Learn more! #DaveCooperLIVE #automationforconstruction.

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