Until now, builders have faced a trade-off when considering automation.  The choices were pretty simple:  limit customization in favour of cookie cutter designs if you want to industrialize your construction processes.   

Thankfully those days are behind us.

Brave understands that engineering requirements, form, function and aesthetics should drive product designs, not automation.   That’s why from the start,  we designed our CAD2FAB™ automation products with your customization needs in mind:  

Our proprietary software reads BIM data then leverages AI and machine learning to autonomously teach robots and automated machinery   

Traditional approaches require significant investments of time and highly skilled resources to program and teach robots and automation – each and every time a new product is to be manufactured.  

With Brave’s solution, architects and machine operators can quickly and easily build a wide range of customized products without the need for lengthy changeovers – start building new product variants in minutes or hours, not weeks and months!!   

When to think Brave?

Automation for your business?

think brave.