Your complete automation solutions provider.

We specialize in solving varied, complex manufacturing and industrial automated systems integration issues. Brave can provide all the services required whether it’s designing, building & integrating a completely new system, or identifying and fixing issues in an existing system. Comprised of a close-knit team of talented electrical designers, engineers and technicians, we are dedicated to delivering quality results and are driven towards doing things better.

Brave Products

  • 3D volumetric module assembly
  • 2D volumetric cassette assembly
  • Window assembly
  • Panel wall assembly
  • CNC material prep
  • Mechanical heating pipe welded assembly
  • Mechanical plumbing fitting, prep & assembly
  • Manufacturing & production facilitation
  • Material handling, kitting & logistics
  • Sheathing
  • Insulation
  • Truss assembly
  • Mass timber assembly

Brave Solutions

Solving your challenges with trusted solutions.

Brave’s unique solutions to industrialized construction is a must-have for any offsite manufacturing dealing critical business issues:  manpower, productivity, quality, material consumption & waste, customization, cycle time improvements are some of the challenges facing the construction and manufacturing industries, but we have a solution for that.

CAD2FAB™ is an award-winning application for precision fabrication that improves the snowflake manufacturing challenge. CAD2FAB™ reads in the solid designs, directs the robots to build the fixture, then to assemble the fixture, and finally fastens the products in the fixture.

Our Proprietary approach leverages a unique combination of controls, robotics, software, mechanical expertise with real-world manufacturing experience.

Brave’s Double Diamond Approach provides customized solutions. It is the process of defining the problem and a collaborative approach to finding potential solutions.

In our Industrialized Construction Assessment, we work in a consultancy role to determine your firm’s current state in relation to a truly industrialized operation.

The combination of our many years of application experience, domain experience, client insight, and involvement allows us to provide world-class solutions to our growing list of customers.

“Brave has over the past two years in close collaboration with ABB reinvented the prefabricated process by the development of innovative robot-based automation solutions – we look forward to a continued strong partnership.”

Mikael A. Packalen, National Sales Manager, ABB Robotics


is in our DNA.